9 Best Dice Towers Buyer’s Guide for 2023

Best Dice Towers

Dice towers are an awesome accessory that you can add to any game night for tabletop games that involve dice. There are so many different kinds of dice towers from simple to more advanced. No matter what kind of dice tower you get, they can improve your gaming experience and make the game you are playing more fun and enjoyable. In case you don’t know where to look, we came up with a list of the best dice towers you can incorporate into your next game night.

Whether you play classic board games, or dungeons and dragons, getting the best accessories for game night can go a long way. One of our favorite accessories is the dice tower, which we will tell you all about in this article!

What is a Dice Tower?

A dice tower is tabletop gaming accessory that players use to roll dice fairly. A dice tower works by placing however many dice they are supposed to roll on their turn into the top of a dice tower. Depending on how a dice tower is structured, there may be various beams and hidden platforms that a dice can bounce off of as it makes it’s way down the dice tower. Then at the bottom, the dice is spit out and usually caught in some type of bowl or entrapment, usually called a dice tray.

Why do people use dice towers? Well, there can be various reasons. The main reason is that using a dice tower eliminates any cheating that a player can do while rolling dice by hand. Dice towers make gameplay fair, as everyone is using the same dice tower and the outcome of the rolled dice will always be random, based on the force and physics of a dice tower.

Another reason people may use a dice tower is that they are just fun to use and you can collect various different types of structures and designs.

Similar to dice trays, dice towers also allow for easy organization as when dice are rolled, they will only stay in one spot, instead of rolling all over and off the table. This limits the amount of frustration having to pick up dice off the floor and anyone trying to cheat when they bring the dice back to the table.

The Best Dice Towers

Now that you know a little more about dice towers, let’s go over some of the best ones! Since there are so many out there, we narrowed down some of the best dice towers that will be sure to add more fun and fairness to your next game night or D&D campaign.

It may be frustrating finding the perfect dice tower for tabletop gaming, but don’t worry, we will go into more detail on each one of these dice towers below!

1. Hominize Bamboo Dice Tower

Hominize Bamboo Dice Tower -...

Dice towers can get pretty expensive depending on the size, structure, and design of the dice tower. So if you are looking for something simple and cheap, then the Hominize Bamboo Dice Tower is the right choice for you.

The inside of this wooden dice tower consists of three leveled platforms for the dice to bounce off of, creating a fair and random result each time the dice is rolled. Its structure is made from high quality bamboo, making it lightweight and easy to transport. On top of that, the top part can be removed and folded into the bottom, causing great portability. It’s easy to set back up, as the top part connects to the bottom using two magnets that keeps the structure together.

One of the downsides of this dice tower is that if you are playing a D&D campaign, your larger dice (D20s) may get stuck as this dice tower is pretty small. If you are using it for a tabletop game with normal sized dice and looking for something affordable, then this dice tower will be perfect for your next game night.


  • Affordable
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Made with high quality bamboo


  • Can be loud at times
  • May not fit larger sized dice

2. C4Labs Portable Draw Bridge Dice Tower

C4Labs Travel Portable Draw...

This dice tower is aesthetically pleasing as you can see the whole inside structure through transparent panes. This means you can visually see your dice the moment you drop them in the dice tower to when they come out the bottom for your randomized roll.

The C4Labs Draw Bridge Dice Tower is also pretty portable as the dice tray folds up into the tower and it even comes with a draw string back for nice storage. It also explicitly says that it will work for dice that go up to 30 sides. Therefore, you should not have any problems getting your dice to go down this tower.

This is definitely one of the more affordable dice towers, and is worth spending an extra $10 or so on to guarantee that it will fit all of your dice since it does have a larger design than the Homize Bamboo Dice Tower.


  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Sturdy tower and transparent design


  • Screws may come loose after use over time
  • Dice tray is a bit flimsy and could have been made with better quality wood

3. ZenPath Portable Dice Tower

ZenPath Portable Dice Tower...

If you are looking for the ultimate portable dice tower, then the ZenPath Dice Tower is the one for you. You can fold the tower portion up into the base tray and can even store dice in it. This dice tower does not take up too much space, so it’s great to travel with and set up for spontaneous game nights.

It’s easy to set up and can be easily packed up for portability. Due to the velvet material of this dice tower, the dice barely makes any noise at is makes its way through the dice tower. The problem with other towers is that they are usually made out of wood and can be very noisy at times.

Also, your precious dice will not be damaged if they hit the structure too hard, as this dice tower is made out of soft, cushiony material. I definitely do like having this dice tower handy in my board game backpack for when I travel with board games as it has great portability and can be set up in seconds.


  • Makes a lot less noise than other dice towers
  • Dice are more protected and cushioned against the material and are less prone to get damaged
  • Highly portable and easy set up


  • Not as sleek and ‘cool’ looking as other dice towers
  • Some people have experienced dice getting stuck
  • May have to use provided back magnet for extra support

4. Forged Dice Co. Citadel Dice Tray and Dice Tower

Forged Dice Co. Citadel Dice...

The Forged Dice Co. Citadel Dice Tray and Tower is a 3-in-1 contraption that is a tray, tower, and storage container. This dice tower folds up really nicely for on the go gaming, and you can use the provided cover as a second dice tray for rolls by the hand or extra storage for unused dice.

This dice tower is a little more expensive than some of the ones prior to it, however, you are paying for the quality here, as the material is made from faux dragon hide. It’s elegant look makes it feel like you are casting your dice in a warrior’s battle arena.

One of the unique features of this dice tower is the larger tray underneath, that provides a gallery to display your dice and makes them easily accessible to grab during gameplay. There is enough room to stage up to 4 sets of 7 polyhedrals.

With a velvet playing surface, your dice will always be cushioned when rolled and will be less likely to get any scratches or dents from hard surfaces. With soft lining, dice will make little to no noise as they are rolled down the tower.


  • Sound is muffled due to soft material
  • Great storage for up to four sets of dice
  • High quality and immersive design


  • Will only fit up to 16mm dice… 38mm dice are likely to get stuck
  • Some dice may get stuck at the base of the tower on uneven surfaces

5. Castle Dice Tower with Tray Wood Laser Cut

Castle Dice Tower with Tray...

The Wood Laser Cut Castle Dice Tower is a big bang for your buck as the details are immaculate and it provides and awesome prop for landscape scenery, whether it be for a D&D campaign, or and enchanted board game.

The tower comes out of the box as flat wood pieces, so you will have to take the time to put it together using the provided screws. Once together, this is a pretty solid dice tower that can last you a while. Since it is a bit on the cheaper side and is made of thin plywood, it can get scuffs on it if not used with care when using metal dice. However, it works perfectly using plastic and lighter dice.

You will never have to search for runaway dice with this beautifully laser cut wooden dice tower. After using this dice tower, we noticed a huge difference in our dice rolls and were very happy with the aesthetic it gave to our tabletop gaming adventures.


  • Refreshing design and very detailed etched wood panels
  • Easy to store as it breaks down into two pieces


  • Full assembly required (instructions are not very clear, but it is mostly self explanatory)
  • Lighter material makes it more prone to scuffs and dents when using heavier dice

6. Forged Dice Co. Dragons Keep Castle Dice Tower

Forged Dice Co. Dragons Keep...

Here is another dice tower by the Forged Dice Co. that really displays their creativity and high quality design. The Dragons Keep Dice Tower is a heavy duty resin dice tower that is hand painted to resemble a dragon guarding a tower.

Every roll down this dice tower will be exciting and adventurous as the lower tower lights up, adding to your tabletop gaming experience or D&D campaign.

This tower definitely leads more towards aesthetic and pleasing to the eye, as the dice rolls out of the dragon’s mouth into the lower tower, onto your gaming surface. With this design, the tower lacks a dice tray that catches your dice when it exits the tower, so your dice may roll off the table and onto the floor.

With this dragon themed dice tower, it will be sure to add to your tabletop gaming experience. Don’t be fooled by the intricate design, as this tower is very functional and executes perfectly randomized rolls.


  • Will be sure to wow your friends and add to your gaming experience with it’s detailed design
  • Fits most sized dice and works great rolling multiple dice
  • Comes with an LED light


  • Larger than other dice towers, so need to make sure there is enough room on the table
  • No dice tray, therefore, dice may roll sporadically onto the table or floor

7. Forged Dice Co. Grim Bones Grim Reaper Dice Tower

Forged Dice Co. Grim Bones...

Similar to the tower prior to this, the Grim Bones Grim Reaper Dice Tower is made by Forged Dice Co. as well. Like the Dragons Keep Castle Dice Tower, this tower is made out of heavy duty resin and is hand painted. This tower definitely holds one of the most intricate designs on this list, and even comes with an LED light that lights up the skull at the base of the tower.

This is definitely a large tower, as it weighs over 5 pounds and is almost a foot tall. So you will need to make sure there’s enough space on your table to be able to display this beast. The functionality of this tower is just as good as it looks, as it is crafted from durable poly resin and is designed to roll standard sized dice.

Just like other Forged Dice Co. towers, this one does not come with a dice tray and dice may roll off the table onto the floor. However, you can used a Forged Dice Co. folding dice tray to accommodate this tower. You just need to leave one side open so that you can place the tower on the open side and dice will roll into the tray.


  • Amazing design with LED light up skull
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Easily accommodates a lot of dice


  • Dice tray not included
  • Can take up a lot of space

8. Dungeons and Dragons Wood Dice Tower

Dice Tower

You have a good variety of dice available to you from Amazon, however, there are so many other goodies you can find on Etsy. I’ll go over some of my favorites now. This Dungeons and Dragons Wood Dice Tower is on the cheaper side, but is customizable in that you can choose which wood you want it to be made out of! It even has the option to add a personalized message on it, making it a great gift for board game lovers.

The base price only comes with the tower, but there is an option to add on a tray, making it a complete set. The tray also serves as box for easy storage. Assembly is really easy as it clicks together using powerful magnets.

This handmade wooden dice tower is beautiful and made of really high quality wood. It does take a few minutes to put together with the magnets, but once together, it is a really sturdy piece.

9. Stained or Light Wood Dice Tower with Acrylic Sides

Best Dice Towers

This Wood Dice Tower with Acrylic Slides is a classic wood tower that produces satisfying sounds after you drop your dice for a tumble. This tower is handmade and since it’s a solid dice tower, it does not collapse, which can be a problem for those looking for a portable dice tower.

This tower is a little more on the expensive side, but the quality is worth the money. This is a really nice tower that is also very functional. It will fit standard dice and provides a large tray for the dice to fall into and not roll away.

Best Dice Tower Buyer’s Guide

If you still aren’t sure which dice tower you should purchase, then that’s ok! Let’s go over a few things that can help you decide.

Choose something within your budget

Keep in mind, that a dice tower has really one purpose, and that is to roll your dice fairly and randomly. So all dice towers will do this job, as long as they are made of good quality. All of the dice towers on this list are made of good quality and will hold up for a long time.

With that being said, getting the cheapest dice tower will likely do the job for you. So if you have a tight budget, then I recommend going with the towers that are more on the cheaper side of this list. If you have a little more room for spend, then you can begin to look at the material and look of the dice tower.

The more expensive a dice tower is, the more intricate the design will be and it will be sure to have higher quality material that will last you years.

Look at other tabletop brands

Different brands have multiple designs and types of dice towers, so if you don’t see something you like on this list, check out the brand name and what else they have to offer when it comes to dice towers.

For example, Forged Dice Co. has a variety of dice towers for purchase. So it may be worth checking them out to see if there is a different design or structure you may want for your dice tower.

Choose a design that will make you happy

Dice towers can come in various different designs. The creators are so imaginative and come up with some of the most amazing designs. This is especially true with homemade dice towers on Etsy. So don’t just settle for a dice tower that looks ok for you. You should take the time to see what’s out there and find a design that speaks to you.

We picked out some cool designs for you and added them to this list, but it may be worth it to check out other dice towers on Amazon that may better match your style.

Consider what type of dice you will be using

Dice size is pretty important when it comes to choosing a dice tower. As you can see mentioned for some of them, not all dice sizes will fit. However, if you are not playing complex D&D campaigns and are only using standard dice, then you don’t have to worry about this. All these dice towers will fit standard size dice.

If you happen to be using larger dice, be sure to check out the specs of the dice tower and the FAQs to make sure it will fit the size dice you will be using. This is something that you can check rather quickly and will save you a lot of time and pain before you receive a tower that won’t fit your dice.

Consider traveling and portability

If you will be taking your dice tower on the road or packing it into a backpack for traveling, then considering portability will be huge for you. Most of these dice towers fold up or condense into smaller parts, but be sure to take a look and make sure it will be portable enough for your preferences.

Read reviews and do more research

There are still many other dice towers out there. So if you did not find one you liked on this list, then be sure to take a look around and read some reviews from other gamers.

Talk to the board game community

You can also ask on board game forums to get other board gamer’s inputs. Boardgamegeek is a really great board game website and forum where you can ask questions and get real feedback.

The Best Dice Towers Conclusion

We hope this guide helped you decide on the perfect dice tower for your next tabletop gaming experience. If you are still unsure about which dice tower is best for you, then feel free to keep looking around and on Amazon and Etsy. There are plenty to choose from!

If you are looking to beef up your gaming experience, then be sure to check out some of our other favorite board game accessories.


Hillary is a 28 year old board game enthusiast from New York who specializes in hosting game nights.

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