The Best Way to Carry Board Games – The Ultimate Board Game Backpack

Best Way to Carry Board Games

Everyone knows that board games can be big, bulky, and a pain to travel with. My arms just hurt thinking about all the times I had to lug my stack of board games over to my friend’s house for game night. The idea of even traveling long distances, like on a plane to conventions, with my board games was a far fetched idea that seemed impossible. I have found that there are very little solutions for transporting board games, other than to stack them up and carry them, or throw them in a huge plastic bag and hope for the best. After countless hours of research, I have found the best way to carry board games. I introduce to you… the ultimate board game backpack.

If you are a seasoned or a new board gamer, there will be times when you want to transport your board games with you to either game nights, board gaming events, or conventions. Oftentimes, we are limited on how many board games we can bring, because unfortunately we just can’t carry them all or they just weigh too damn much. Well, not anymore!

The team at GeekOn have devised a solution to this board game transportation headache. They have created an Ultimate Board Game Backpack that has enough space for even the largest tabletop games (I’m looking at you Gloomhaven).

Just check out a sneak peak of the backpack below! Don’t worry, I’ll be going into more detail as to why this is the best board game backpack currently on the market. 

Ultimate Board Game Backpack


The beloved plastic bag. Yes, we all know it. The bags that you try to recycle after doing some grocery shopping or shopping at target. Why do gamers love plastic bags so much? Well, they came in handy when we needed to carry board games to and from events or a friend’s house. 

You love your board games, don’t you? So why would you trust a cheap plastic bag to transport them around? We started asking ourselves the same questions. Therefore, we said goodbye to plastic bags. We found a better way to transport our board games. 

Here at Game Night Gods, we have discovered the best way to carry board games is by using the Ultimate Board Game Backpack by GeekOn. They have engineered the most comfortable and convenient game bag ever, that protects your favorite board games on the go. 

This backpack is literally made for board game lovers.

We all know that board games can be expensive, so we need to protect them at all costs. We have found that the ultimate board game backpack provides safe transport of our board games, while also providing comfort for our bodies. Since this is a backpack, we no longer had to strain our arms or pull out our backs. 

The board game backpack provides a snug fit while also providing a lot of support for your back. This is by far the best way to carry board games that we have found to date!


We recently brought this board gaming backpack on a camping trip with us in order to test its limits.

When it comes to transporting board games, I long for something that provides these three things: protection, organization, and comfort. Luckily, the ultimate board game backpack provides all three!


This board game backpack provides the best protection for your most prized possessions; your board games. It has waterproof zippers, reinforced seams, padded frames, and waterproof nylon.

The backpack even has a protective pocket for sunglasses storage and also a padded laptop section! Not only will it protect your board games, it will also protect other valuable items and allow you to carry everything you need.


Some board gamers can be pretty unorganized. Maybe not you, but I know that I can be unorganized. The ultimate board game backpack forces you to stay organized as it has different pockets and sections for specific items.

Check out all of the organization tactics below:

  • Top section pockets – for things like small card games or small possessions.
  • Outside zippered pockets – more space for more games and items.
  • Essential pockets – just more room for other things you need to bring with you to game night or conventions.
  • Easily accessible key/card pocket – access your keys or wallet for when you need to constantly take them out and use them.
  • Notepad section – bring your notepad for when you need to keep score of games. 
  • Pen slot – some board games require writing and pens, so we need a slot for them!
  • Koozie holders – board gamers get thirsty, why not make room for those drinks and koozies.
  • Tech accessory / sunglass storage – for your phone, sunglasses, or other valuable items.
  • Sunglasses holder – another spot to put your sunglasses or valuable items.
  • Expandable main compartment – this is where you put your board games. Not enough room for all your board games? It can expand outwards to fit even more board games!


We know transporting board games can be uncomfortable, as you may be forced to tire out your arms by carrying them. Some games are also too heavy to carry, causing you to take multiple trips. 

This board game backpack provides comfort by using moisture wicking straps, padded grab handles, adjustable straps, moisture wicking back panels, and a sternum strap. It fits perfectly on your back and provides great support for long walks or travel. 


Need to travel with your board games and take them on a plane? Have no fear! This ultimate board game backpack is carry on compliant. 

Since the team at GeekOn were getting a lot of inquires about whether you can use this backpack as your carry on bag on planes, they went and tested it out themselves.

Luckily, they found that it fits perfectly for all major airlines.


The ultimate board game backpack currently costs $199. This can be a bit steep for some people, but once you purchase it, you never have to go back to worrying about how to transport board games ever again. 

This backpack makes carrying board games to game nights, events, and conventions so simple!

If you are ready to dive in and start transporting your board games with ease, click here to order your ultimate board game backpack today.

The ultimate board game backpack comes in the following colors: black, grey, blue, and purple.

Board Game Backpack Colors

We chose the blue one because we just love the neon green pops of color.

It’s time to fill up your backpack with board games and head to game night. Get the Ultimate Board Game Backpack and never worry about how to carry your board games ever again.

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below!

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Hillary is a 28 year old board game enthusiast from New York who specializes in hosting game nights.

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