8 Board Game Accessories to Get Before Game Night

Board Game Accessories

Saturday is your official game night with friends and, this week, it’s your turn to host it. So, how about you blow your guests’ minds with a set of board game accessories? We will list some of the best board game accessories that we use for game night.

Not only will these useful items improve the group’s gameplay, but they’ll also ensure that everyone has a great time no matter what you’re playing.

Now, are you ready to take a look at our favorite 8 board game accessories on the market?

The Best 8 Board Game Accessories in 2022

Without further ado, let’s showcase a few items that every hardcore board gamer must have in their collection.

1. Siquk Leather Dice Trays

Dice Tray

If you’re not a fan of dice towers, you may want to invest in a dice tray to keep your little guys in one place. This fancy-looking leather tray is sure to turn many heads with its premium look and elegant design.

The Siquk dice trays come in different quantity packs and colors, which can be useful if you have a large collection of dice. Better yet, we fell in love with the fact that it’s foldable and collapsible according to your needs.

In addition, when you’re not using the tray to store your dice, it can double as a holder for other small items. Here, you could put your wallet, watch, keys, etc. Who doesn’t like a multi-purpose product?

See below for the different options and links:

We love to sport our blue dice tray as you can see in the picture above. We found it perfect for Catan, as we no longer have to worry about our dice rolling off the table!

2. Meeples of Menace

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about RPGs is the meeples. And, if you’re playing D&D, nothing can help you get into character like one of these Meeples of Menace.

Instead of old-fashioned wooden meeples that have no distinctive features, these little buddies include eight different shapes of monsters. You’ll have orcs, zombies, goblins, and even dragons at your disposal.

What we also admire about this set is that it comes with a magnetically sealed box for easy transportation. So, even if the game night isn’t at your place, you could always bring your meeples along to your bestie’s house.

3. C4Labs Dice Tower & Tray

Board Game Accessories

Let’s face it, we’ve all reached a point within a board game where everyone just pauses to look for missing dice. To prevent this sort of annoying interruption, why don’t you get this dice tower and tray by C4Labs?

We like its modern glass-and-wood look and simple design. Its transparent sides will show the dice as they dance through the tiers of the tower, which can be immensely satisfying to watch.

Plus, we’re pretty sure that a fellow gamer will appreciate this piece-of-art tower as a gift, don’t you think? If this dice tower doesn’t tickle your fancy, then be sure to check out some of our other favorite dice towers.

4. Folded Space Eldritch Horror Board Game Inserts

It’s all fun and games, literally, until the night is over and it’s time to put all the pieces of your board game back into the box. Once you get to this point, you know you’ll need board game inserts to keep you organized.

Not only will these tiny boxes make tidying up easy, but you can also use them during your Eldritch Horror game. So, they make a nice combination of efficient storage and enhanced gameplay.

The boxes require some assembly, but they should be a piece of cake to put together. You can do it in the few minutes before your buddies wind up at your doorstep.

5. 4-Pack Premium Wooden Card Holders

So, you’ve decided to take a break from RPGs to focus more on card games instead? Well, you should probably consider adding this set of card holders to your collection.

These wooden holders can be especially useful for little players if the cards are still too big for their hands. Even adults could use some break from having to hold their cards the entire game. This can give you the chance to snack while you beat your friends at poker!

6. Solid Factory Card Tray Organizer

Here’s another card holder to help you free up some table space while playing D&D. We adore that it’s stackable and has several sections for different card types.

Better yet, the tray also works as a storage space where you could keep your cards. And, since it’s compact, many people were delighted to find that the organizer fits perfectly inside their board game boxes.

7. ENHANCE Board Game Backpack

If you’re a die-hard board gamer, then you might’ve thought about buying a solid backpack where you can keep your boxes. Well, we think that you’ll love this bag by Enhance.

This beast can contain all your game parts and accessories so that you could take your game night wherever you go. Whether you’re traveling to another country or just going on a camping trip, this bag may be what you need to transport your collection.

What makes this backpack special is that it comes with several straps and pockets to accommodate all different game pieces. So, not only can it make your games portable, but the bag should also help you stay organized.

8. ENHANCE Board Game Bands

These straps are another accessory you must have if you’re always on the go. For those who want to put their board game box inside a suitcase, the Enhance elastic bands should help keep the lid closed.

This way, when you reach your destination, there will be a lower chance of finding a coin inside your sock.

The set includes five straps, three of those are for large boxes and two are made for medium board games. We also like how the strap material is firm but not too strong that it would dig into the box. No one likes a caved-in board game box, right?

To Wrap It Up

The thing about board game accessories isn’t just that they look pretty and make your experience a tad fancier. They’re also essential for smoother and faster gameplay, leaving you to focus on winning instead of searching for lost pieces.

Hopefully, after taking a look at our favorite accessories on the market, your collection can keep growing. And, when it’s time for family game night, your new additions should quickly grasp everyone’s attention.


Hillary is a 28 year old board game enthusiast from New York who specializes in hosting game nights.

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