Where to Donate Old Board Games

Where to donate old board games

The average price of a board game is $20 to $45 while some more complex games could reach up to $1000. Most gamers pass down their board games from one generation to another as a family heirloom. However, some decide to throw their old used collection away. However, a better alternative is donating your old board games. We will let you know how to donate old board games and where to donate old board games.

Your used board games can spark up a new gamer’s obsession or at least start a friendship between a couple of strangers. If you’re wondering where to donate old board games, this list will give you quite a few options.

Donate Board Games for Kids

Do you have some basic, easy-to-play board games? Here’s where you can donate them so they can be accessible for little kids.


No matter their age, students are always looking for some form of entertainment in recess. Not to mention, after-school programs could do with some checkers and chess. 

Most public schools are too tight on budget to make room for board games, so your donation would be appreciated. 

Toy Libraries

A lot of families who live on a budget only afford to buy a new toy or game from time to time. Their little ones find their source of entertainment between the racks of a toy library

They can borrow toys or even sit and play with them for as long as they want. I am sure many children would be happy to stumble upon an old collection of board games to try out. 

Summer Camps

Summer camps were always a place to blow off some steam and make some friends.  I remember as a child how it felt once a board game was set up. Everyone would run up, bouncing on the balls of their feet, ready to team up and win some games. 

They didn’t always have a variety of games, however, so adding some board games to their collection would make a difference.


Toddlers are easily intrigued by the tokens, card designs, and miniature figures of a board game. Besides being a lot of fun, board games help toddlers’ brains develop, and encourage them to become more focused and outgoing. 

If you know of any nearby daycare, make sure to drop off your old board games for the little kids to enjoy. Let’s start them young! 


After venturing and running around all day in a scout camp, a fun bonding session with a board game is all that’s needed sometimes. Besides, the game design merit badge requires serious experience with board games.

If you know any girl or boy scout, let them know about your old board games, they might just take them all, to share with their friends. 

Christmas Toy Drive

If you’re looking to donate with a purpose, you can always give your old board games to Christmas toy drives to make a little child’s holiday. Your local fire and police department likely sets up toy drives during the Christmas season.

If you’re interested, you can always check them out. Just make sure that they accept old items because some of them only take new gifts. 

Local Library

Many libraries have regular game nights and are always on the lookout for some different board games to play. So, check with your local library. If they don’t have a game night, they might be tempted to start one if you offer them your board game collection. You can even help plan it out to get some newbies hooked.

Boarding Schools

It’s always a good idea to donate your board games to orphanages. Board games are great ice breakers, making newcomers feel less out of place. And they bring children together for some quality time.

Donating Board Games for Experienced Players

If you’re a board game enthusiast looking to get rid of an old board game collection, you’re probably looking for another geek to take up your legacy. Here are some places where you may find a worthy successor.

Local Gaming Conventions

If you want your old board game collection falling into hands that would really treasure it, there is no better place than every gamer’s haven; gaming conventions

Most local gaming conventions rely on volunteers and donations, so your old board games could be the highlight of one of their events. 


Disaster shelters, homeless shelters, and women’s shelters welcome all kinds of donations. Board games are perfect for a mood lift and a distraction which is all a person needs sometimes.

Armed Forces Retirement Homes

Armed forces retirement homes seek to make retirement as comfortable as it could be for old veterans. Your board games contribution would make time spent there a whole lot more interesting.

Gamers Alliance

Do you have some vintage, out-of-print board games? Add them to Gamers Alliance’s wide selection of out-of-print board games for fellow gamers to prize. Their catalogs have some of the oldest games, some even go back to the 1930s. Gamers alliance also offers game news and reviews that you will love!

Places to Donate Board Games with Free Pickup

Sometimes when you’re trying to get rid of old stuff, paying money to get them shipped or dropping them off can seem too much of a hassle. So, here are some options that are guaranteed to get the job done conveniently for you.


You can give away your old board games online by listing them in the free stuff section on Craigslist. You won’t have to spend money to put them up there, but you’ll have to wait till people contact you for the board games, which might take some time. 

Salvation Army Thrift Stores

Salvation Army is a part of the Evangelical church with more than 7000 stores distributed across the US. Your donations are sold for affordable prices in thrift stores, and the money goes to rehab centers. 

The Salvation Army offers free pickup for donations, so you don’t have to worry about dropping your board games off. 

Wrap Up

Going over the collection you have of board games and dividing them up by expertise level needed is a great first step before donation.  Then, you can choose the place for your donation that would truly value it.

Whether you help a scout earn a new badge or a retired veteran feel more at home, donating your old board games is always worthwhile.


Hillary is a 26 year old board game enthusiast from New York who specializes in hosting game nights.

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