Tabletop Gaming for Newbies – Best Tabletop Games for Beginners

Tabletop Games for Beginners

Tabletop gaming can be scary. Ok, maybe not, but if you are new to the world of tabletop gaming, then the term may be a bit confusing. What even is tabletop gaming? Well, we are here to ease you into the ‘not so scary’ world of tabletop gaming and tabletop games. I will also give you tips on the best tabletop games for beginners

I was a tabletop newbie at one point in my life. In fact, I have always been a huge geek. I grew up playing simple board games with my friends like scrabble and trouble. We never expanded into the world of tabletop gaming during those times. Why? Because we were scared. Was I even a ‘real’ board gamer if I didn’t play tabletop games?

This misconception clouded my ability to get into tabletop games for so long. I dipped my toes into a few low key games before diving into the deep end. I played games like Monopoly and Catan. After a while, I wanted more. I was ready to dive in fully to the world of tabletop gaming. I wanted to be a tabletop gamer.

Like most people, I was a beginner at tabletop games. I wouldn’t call myself a pro tabletop gamer now, but I have learned a lot throughout the years. I felt like it was necessary to write this article about tabletop gaming for newbies so that I can get rid of the misconception of tabletop gaming and the fear that it portrays.

Table Top Gaming for Newbies


Tabletop gaming refers to playing games on a tabletop or surface. That was a pretty simple definition, but it pretty much sums up what tabletop gaming is in a very broad kind of way. I am not talking about tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons.

I am also not talking about your basic board games or card games that you can whip out during a game night with your non-gaming friends.

Tabletop games ARE NOT party games. Tabletop games are for more ‘serious’ board gamers and stray from the casual board games you may find yourself playing with your family at a bbq. Don’t get me wrong, you can still play tabletop games and not be classified as a serious board gamer. We just like to call ourselves serious gamers if we play tabletop games because it makes us feel cool.

Tabletop gaming is more complex than moving your pawn around a game board. They involve different components such as dice, one or more deck of cards, multiple different gaming pieces, and a lot of strategy.

Now that you know what table top gaming is, I’ll give you some ideas on how to get into tabletop gaming and the best tabletop games for beginners.


If you are looking to get into tabletop gaming and aren’t sure how, then follow these simple steps when choosing to play a tabletop game for the first time.

1. Choose a game that will not last more than two hours. You do not want to overwhelm yourself. You can see the gameplay time on most boxes of a tabletop game.

2. The game should be suitable for 3-4 players. Gather together a group of friends or players that are also interested in getting into tabletop gaming. The best way to learn is to learn together.

3. It’s best to choose a game in which the rules are simple and straightforward. If you have to constantly reference the rulebook each turn, then it’s probably not the best game to be playing for your first tabletop gaming experience.

Reading Board Game Instructions

Are you new to tabletop gaming or are looking to get more into tabletop gaming?

This couldn’t be the more perfect time to jump into the world of tabletop gaming as there are a vast variety of games currently on the market.

It’s time to put down the boring generic board games like Monopoly, Clue, and Life. Although these are great classics, there’s so much more out there. Welcome to the world of tabletop gaming.


If you are a beginner to tabletop gaming, then you should ease your way into it by playing the right games. No need to overwhelm yourself at the start. There are plenty of tabletop games that are perfect to play for your first tabletop gaming experience.

Here is our list of the best tabletop games for beginners. 


I am starting with the classic game of Catan because I feel like at this point, it is a REQUIRED game to play for all tabletop gamers. Catan has a striking balance of simplicity and depth. It continues to remain at the top of my list for any and all board games.

The game is pretty simple to grasp. Collect resources and establish settlements. The first person to a set number of points wins. Don’t let the simplicity fool you. Catan‘s in depth gameplay gives players an opportunity to strategize where to branch out their settlements and maximize the amount of resources available to them.

Roll some dice, collect resources, trade with your opponents, and build roads and settlements. Strive to become the settler with the longest road or the strongest army and you will gain even more points.

Outside of the original game, there are numerous variations and expansions for each version of The Settlers of Catan, such as the “Seafarers” expansion that incorporates boats and oceans, the “Traders & Barbarians” expansion that adds some compelling new twists to the game, and many more.

Settlers of Catan (also known as just ‘Catan’) is a MUST HAVE game for all tabletop gamers.

Get your copy here:


For those who want to get into tabletop gaming RPG (roleplaying games) but do not want to get as advanced as Dungeons & Dragons, then the classic tabletop game, Munchkin, is a great game that introduces players to wacky and charming warriors while defeating monsters.

Munchkin is essentially a more streamlined version of Dungeons & Dungeons. It takes the traditional elements of roleplaying, such as creating a character, defeating monsters, and gathering loot.

Play with your friends in a humorous and charming competitive game as you draw monster cards, defeat them, and equip gear to make yourself more powerful. The first person to reach Level 10 wins the game.

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Like I said before, the best way to learn is to learn together! Pandemic is an excellent introduction to tabletop gaming as it is entirely cooperative and players must work together to find cures for rapidly-spreading diseases.

With the threat of a looming viral outbreak always on the mind of players, Pandemic is a fast-paced game that requires teamwork and coordination to succeed.

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This game is truly beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. It is the perfect game to show you what tabletop games are capable of and why they have so much to offer. In this stunningly illustrated and intriguing engine-building game, your mission is to produce elements over the course of the game that in turn fuel subsequent choices and actions.

While the focus on birds isn’t likely the first theme that might attract your attention, don’t dismiss what the game is offering; this is one of the most cunningly presented and designed strategy games in a long time, and even cynical players are likely to admit after a first playthrough how beautiful the whole thing turns out to be.

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I hope you gained some valuable insight into the world of tabletop gaming. If you choose one of the games above, you are sure to have a great first experience and start on a journey to become a tabletop gamer. 

Don’t be scared by the term ‘tabletop gaming.’ It’s really not that scary. There is a misconception that you need to be a Dungeon and Dragons master in order to be a tabletop gamer. This simply isn’t the case. 

There is an extraordinary array of games that expand from your classic Monopoly and Scrabble. This is the world of tabletop gaming. I hope this article has brought you one step closer into this world. 

I hope you enjoyed this article! Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions. Thanks for reading and as always, happy gaming!


Hillary is a 28 year old board game enthusiast from New York who specializes in hosting game nights.

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