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Hunt A Killer Horror Blair Witch Review

Spooky season is here and the team known for their immersive mystery themed role playing games, Hunt A Killer, has teamed up with Lionsgate Games to create a new experience; a Blair Witch horror game. We all know the haunted tale of the Blair Witch. It is spooky, eerie, and downright creepy. Who wouldn’t jump at the idea of a horror themed tabletop gaming experience? Well, it’s time to immerse yourself into this dark tale buried deep into the woods and experience the new Hunt A Killer Horror Game: Blair Witch. We will take a dive into all you need to know before purchasing, in this in depth Hunt A Killer Horror and Hunt A Killer Blair Witch review.

Hunt A Killer announced that they will be releasing a new tabletop role-playing game titled Hunt A Killer Horror: Blair Witch that will procure players to either survive the dark woods or succumb to the evils hidden deep within it. You can “work together with your friends or go it alone to overcome the malevolent forces,” in order to uncover the history of Burkittsville and the true mysteries behind the famous “Blair Witch” story. We’ll go into more detail in the Hunt A Killer Blair Witch Review.

The Game Night Gods were lucky enough to receive early access to this new season by Hunt A Killer – Hunt A Killer Horror: Blair Witch – that is just in time for Halloween! 

I just have to add that we freaking love Halloween season. Ok, back to the review. 

We will go in depth into our experience of this new horror game in this Hunt A Killer Blair Witch review! Sit tight, it’s time to get spooky. 

Unlike other Hunt A Killer Horror Reviews, we are going to dive really deep into everything you need to know about this Blair Witch tabletop game. Since this is a meaty review, I put together a little table of contents below in case you want to skip around. But if you are truly interested, I recommend reading through the whole review from start to finish! We even have a special offer at the end for our readers.

Overview of our Hunt A Killer Horror: Blair Witch Game Review:

Disclaimer: This is our honest opinion in our own words. Honesty is very important to us and we make sure that we only review and recommend products we would use ourselves and fully enjoy.

Great, now let’s dive into this Hunt A Killer Blair Witch review!

What is the Hunt A Killer Horror: Blair Witch Game?

If you are unsure exactly what Hunt A Killer is, then let me give you a brief overview before we dive into the new Hunt A Killer Horror Game: Blair Witch. Basically think of Hunt A Killer as the main event, and Hunt A Killer: Horror as a subset of the company. Think of a branch off of a stooping tree.

Blair Witch Game Review

The team at Hunt A Killer are passionate about telling stories that are full of mystery in a unique and memorable way. They do this by immersing their players into the story by delivering monthly subscription boxes full of physical items, documents, puzzles, sound recording, digital files, and more.

Their newest experience is called the Hunt A Killer Blair Witch game that takes place over the course of six “episodes,” or boxes, in the span of six months. Each month, you receive a new box with new clues, documents, and physical items that will lead you further down the path of solving the mystery of a missing person. There are also options to buy in bulk to save some money, which I will discuss later in this review.

This Blair Witch inspired horror mystery game captures the tale of the original 1999 Lionsgate film, “The Blair Witch Project,” where a new tale unfolds of a woman’s son going missing under mysterious circumstances.

If you are like us and have seen the “Blair Witch Project” film plenty of times, then you know that the mystery of the Blair Witch is maybe one of the creepiest stories ever told. 

As kids, we watched three filmmakers explore the dark Black Hills Forest as they were overcome by dark forces and the so-called “Blair Witch.” Now we are brought back in and are enlisted to help with a new tale that has been cursed by the Blair Witch.

In this new horror game by Hunt A Killer, players will experience the supernatural forces of the Blair Witch and will receive a new box of clues, documents and ciphers each month that will bring them closer to the truth. 

We were so excited to receive our first box and dive into this horror mystery. Here I will share our experience and our journey with the Blair Witch. It’s time to open our first box!

Unboxing Our First Box: Hunt A Killer Blair Witch Review

If you have followed us for a bit, then you may know that we have made our way through other seasons of Hunt A Killer. Therefore, when we heard that Hunt A Killer came out with a new season that was horror focused, we had to get our hands on it!

We received our box in the mail and it was very familiar to the thin boxes we received for other Hunt A Killer seasons, except the box’s graphics were a bit different. In large print was the text “BLAIR WITCH” and it gave us an eerie chill before even opening the box.

After finally getting rid of our goosebumps and opening the box, we were greeted with two introduction postcards, some physical objects, and a large manilla envelope full of documents. 

We were immediately drawn in and it didn’t take long for the team to adapt to the different objects that consisted of physical items and documents within the box. We began to hand out all of the different clues and objects for each team member to hold and read.

This Blair Witch box contained 10 items, including:

  • A Letter from Rosemary
  • A Map of Burkittsville
  • Liam’s Notebook
  • Magazine Spread
  • Newspaper Article
  • Liam’s Behavioral Record
  • Interview Transcripts
  • Missing Person Report
  • Pen
  • Bracelet

As you continue to read on, we want you to know that we made it a point to make sure this Hunt A Killer Horror review is spoiler free. We don’t want to ruin the fun, so we promise to only let you know our personal experience and game flow during our Blair Witch investigation, without spoiling anything. We will not name the solutions to the objectives we completed or give away any clues.

The box contained documents from the official investigation into the subject’s disappearance, as well as possessions of the missing person, and information on the town.

There is no ‘correct way’ to start in the box, so we decided to start with reading the letter from Rosemary. She explained to us about her missing son, Liam, and how he has been missing for months. She believes that her son is still out there, and she needs our help in finding him.

We were up for the challenge!

We read from Rosemary that this is not a typical teenage runaway, as the sheriff’s office may believe. There is something strange going on here. She stated that there has been a long history of deaths and disappearances that stretches back to the eighteenth century town of Blair. 

Liam’s mother believes that there is something mysterious going on with her son’s disappearance and that there is “so much genuine evil in the world, and people choose to believe in boogeymen.” She believes that someone, or something, took her son.

The objective of this box is to find out where Liam was going before he disappeared. Our job was to read through all of the clues and then log on to the website provided by Rosemary and type in what we thought the solution to the objective was so that we can move on in our mystery.

Sorting Through Clues of the Blair Witch Subscription Box

It didn’t take long for us to dive deep into the paper documents and clues located inside the manilla envelope. Kait began reading the documents including an incident report, witness interviews, and a newspaper article.

Branden began looking through the objects that were found on Liam’s desk, including a magazine spread, a journal, and a pen that was placed inside the journal. 

I took it upon myself to spread out the map of Burkittsville and start mapping out a few different places that we heard when reading through the clues. 

Hunt A Killer Horror Review

Every object felt so authentic as Liam’s notebook was all handwritten and had doodles and drawings in it that looked like any other kid would do in his or her notebook during class. You can tell the amount of time and effort that was put into every detail of clues within the box.

It really felt like we were working together, trying hard to help this mother who lost her son. We sifted through the physical evidence and paper documents, trying to find clues that were taken from Liam’s possession.

Reading Liam’s notebook gave us insight into his life and his thoughts. We found out a lot from that notebook and we felt connected to the boy that is now missing. 

There were even digital documents on Rosemary’s blog that were locked behind a password that we were provided. She had posts about her missing son as well as files and photos that she uploaded in order to keep tabs on Liam’s case.

We began discussing all of the characters involved from the witness interviews and their relationships with Liam. It was crazy the way we were talking about these fictional characters like they were real people!

Completing the First Objective – Hunt A Killer Blair Witch Review

Once we felt comfortable with reading through all of the clues and analyzing all of the documents, as well as the digital blog, we took about a half hour to discuss all of our findings together.

The Game Night Gods team ran through all of the notes we took and looked over the map a few times, some of the text we highlighted in the incident report and witness interviews, as well as the physical evidence that was provided.

After a lot of discussion, we all agreed on the location where we think Liam was heading before his disappearance. 

The goal of this first box is to find out where the missing boy, Liam, was heading and to alert his mother, Rosemary, via her blog that she set up. Now it was time to see if we were right.

Hunt A Killer Horror.

On our computer, we went to the link provided on the post card provided in the box and typed in the solution to our objective. We were right! It felt so good that we all agreed on that one location  and we were right about it!

Should You Buy Hunt A Killer Blair Witch?

The simple answer to this question is, yes! If you are interested in horror mysteries and are looking for a fun experience for your next game night, then you should definitely begin your journey with Hunt A Killer Horror: Blair Witch.

After playing through the first box, we are hooked! We cannot wait to get our hands on the next five boxes and complete the season. 

To get your hands on this subscription box, click here to go to the Hunt A Killer Horror website where you can signup for the Blair Witch table top monthly gaming experience.

If you are wondering if this box will be too spooky for your kids or for non-horror lovers, then don’t worry! We must admit, that although there were some spooky parts, we feel as though this box can be played with people of all ages. There are no jump scares or anything like that. The storyline is just generally creepy. After all, we are talking about the famous Blair Witch!

How Much Does The Hunt A Killer Blair Witch Horror Game Cost?

Now onto the big question of how much does Hunt A Killer Horror: Blair Witch cost? The current cost of the Hunt a Killer subscription is $30 per month plus $3.95 for shipping within the United States. The monthly cost includes the limited edition Hunt A Killer Horror: Blair Witch box. Each month, you receive one box.

Keep in mind, you will need to stay on the subscription for six months in order to complete the full season. A full season includes six boxes in total and lasts six months. You have the option to ship your boxes sooner so that you do not have to wait the full six months to complete the season.

Hunt A Killer: Horror also offers a “Season Pass” and a “Double Season Pass” where you can either pay for the full 6 months upfront for a lower price, or you can pay for two seasons (12 months) upfront for an even cheaper price. 

If you are ready to dive into the deep end, then why not purchase the whole season upfront. You will get a huge discount and you will be able to play at your own pace, whenever you want. To see the different plan options, you can click here to fill out your information and choose the best plan for you.

They also often have sales going on for a certain percentage off your first box. If you are interested, we are offering a discount code for 20% off! Click the link below to go through the steps and visit the checkout page to enter the code: GAMENIGHTGODS for 20% off your first box. 

Click here now and use the code GAMENIGHTGODS and you will get 20% off your first box or purchase a full season plan at a discounted price!

Blair Witch Game

Final thoughts – Hunt A Killer Blair Witch Review

After receiving the first box to Hunt A Killer Horror: Blair Witch, we were very satisfied with the contents and the storyline. All of the objects felt so real and unique, some of them even give us chills as we read through them. There was even a surprise at the end that we were not expecting, and boy did it make the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

his one box gave us hours of fun that added great substance to our game night during this spooky season. We can’t wait to gather all of our friends together to play through the next few boxes and solve this Blair Witch mystery.

If you love mysteries and a bit of horror, then this is the perfect subscription box for you! Although there were a few things that gave us the creeps, it’s not too scary for people who like to shy away from the whole horror scene.

Anyone can play this tabletop gaming experience and it does a great job of immersing you into the story and components of the box.

We recommend purchasing the whole season upfront (either the 6 month pass or the 12 month pass) so that you can save money and play through the whole season. Click here to see all of the different buying options!

You might want to play this subscription box alone or maybe you’re wondering what would happen if you got stuck and were not able to come to a conclusion on finding the solution to the objective.

It can be frustrating if you are playing alone or your group can’t figure out what to do next. Don’t worry! Hunt A Killer provides support for if/when you need it by having access to an  online message board forum, and/or a secret facebook group you could join specifically for each episode for the Hunt A Killer Horror: Blair Witch subscription box.

This was definitely an awesome thing knowing that we would have help in case we needed it. We love how the Hunt A Killer Horror  boxes are challenging, but not challenging in a way that you may never be able to solve the mystery.

We would love for you to join the Hunt A Killer Horror community and start your own journey with the Hunt A Killer Horror: Blair Witch subscription boxes!

Click here now and use the code GAMENIGHTGODS and you will get 20% off your first box!

Thanks for reading our Hunt A Killer Blair Witch review! Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think 🙂

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