Trust Me, I’m A Superhero Card Game Review

Trust Me I'm A Super Hero Review

What is Trust Me, I’m A Superhero?

Trust Me I’m a Superhero is a competitive debate card game featuring B-List Superheroes of your own creation! Players randomly select SUPER and POWER cards and then choose what they believe to be the best combination. This becomes their SUPERHERO that they will use to compete to win the right to solve the cities issues! We will tell you everything you need to know about this superhero card game in this Trust Me I’m A Superhero review.

We received a review/play test version of this superhero card game. This means that the artwork and designs pictured are not the final versions. The titles and descriptions of play may also vary from the finished product. 

Sit back and relax as we take you through our journey and gaming experience in this Trust Me I’m A Superhero review.

Unboxing Trust Me, I’m A Superhero 

Our first thoughts upon opening the box was that we were very intrigued by the components of the game. The coloring of the cards are reminiscent of comic books and superhero movies, which we are huge fans of. We knew from the title that this would be a game that is right up our ally. 

Each game will include three types of cards: Supers, Powers and Call to Help cards. Each deck was easy to distinguish from the next and highly entertaining. It didn’t take long for us to feel like we were in our very own comic book. We were immediately drawn into the superhero world of the game and couldn’t wait to start playing. 

Trust Me I'm A Superhero Card Game Review

How to Play Trust Me, I’m a Superhero Card Game

The rules of play are very simple. At the start of the round, one player is designated as the “Director”. The director is in search of a superhero to aid in their “Call for Help” action card. At the start of the round, the director picks 3 cards from the ‘Call for Help’ deck and chooses one to use for play. 

While the director is making their selection, the remaining players or “Team” choose 5 Super cards and 5 Power cards. They then create a Superhero by combining one super card and one power card from the cards selected. They place their created Superhero (super/power card combo) face down in front of them. 

Once everyone has made their Superhero selections, the director then reveals the Call for Help card to the team! Taking turns, players reveal their super and power cards. After revealing your superhero, it is then your responsibility to explain and debate why your superhero is best suited to aid in the selected Call for Help action card! Keep in mind, arguing and heckling are encouraged! 

The round ends when each player has pleaded their case for why they are the best superhero for the job and the director selects the winner! The player who is selected by the director receives that round’s ‘Call to Help’ card, equaling one point and then becomes the next director. Play continues in different rounds with each player taking turns being the director. The player who receives 3 points first wins! 

Super Hero Card Game Review

Our First Play Through of Trust Me, I’m A Superhero: 

Trust Me I’m a Superhero was one of the quickest games for us to pick up. We enjoyed the straightforward directions and ease of gameplay. From the very first round we were in hysterics. The cards from all three decks proved to be nothing less than hilarious and well thought up, making the game entertaining right from the start! 

Kait was the director for the first round. Her ‘Call to Help’ card was “Help! A zombie horde is shambling towards the city! It’s only 8 days away!”

Branden and Hillary selected their super and power cards and they did not disappoint. Branden won the round with his SONIC SQUAD, stating that they would be able to help by blasting the zombies away from the city using teamwork and sonic waves!! Great job, Branden. 

Superhero card game

Our first play through quickly led to multiple playthroughs, as we didn’t want to stop playing! That’s a great sign from a game review standpoint. The originality of the theme and gameplay made Trust Me I’m a Superhero a joy to play and we could instantly tell it would become a frequently played game in our rotation for game night. 

If we had to choose something that we didn’t like about the game, it would be that choosing 5 of each super and power card feels like a lot of cards. We don’t feel like that many options is necessary per round as it takes longer to decide on a superhero and some good card options get wasted on a single round. But that’s just nitpicking.

Final Thoughts on Trust Me, I’m A Superhero: 

After playing this game countless times over the past few weeks, we can confidently say that it is a great card game. The high energy and comedic touch make it perfect for group game nights. 

It has a high player count of 3-6 players and even if you have more than the limit, we feel anyone sitting out would be highly entertained when observing. 

Their kickstarter campaign launched on October 27th! Click here to find out more information about their game on their kickstarter page. We assure you that this game will not disappoint! 


Hillary is a 27 year old board game enthusiast from New York who specializes in hosting game nights.

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