The Rules of Everything Card Game Review

The Rules of Everything Review

The Rules of Everything is an awesome card game that can be played at any type of game night. We were gifted a copy before it’s release on Kickstarter and are very excited to share our thoughts on it!

This card game consists of competing against your friends by testing your memory and dexterity. There are 100 unique cards in total and each card contains a different rule that must be followed by the player who draws that card from the pick up pile.

The rules of these cards contain different challenges whether it is mental or physical challenges. You must follow your rules throughout the game. Be careful! If someone catches you breaking a rule, then they can call you out and you must pay the penalty!

Follow the rules and call out rule breakers. It’s as simple as that.

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Setting Up The Rules of Everything

To set up this party card game, all of the cards are shuffled and placed in the center of the table with a red card on top of the deck.

Set up the point tokens in the center of the table so that anyone can grab them at any time. If the deck runs out of cards throughout gameplay, then reshuffle the discard pile and place the deck back in the center of the table.

That’s it! The player closest to the door goes first.

How to Play The Rules of Everything

The first player begins by picking up a card from the deck. They then read out the rule on the card and place the card in front of them for everyone to see.

Each card will have it’s own unique rule written on it. Once you pick up a card with a rule, then you must comply with that rule by the end of your turn.

Some cards have symbols on them. This means that this card must stay in this person’s hand and they must continue the rule throughout the game.

Only the rules on your cards apply to you, unless stated otherwise. You must continue to perform these rules while they are still in your hand.

The Rules of Everything Cards

After you complete your turn, play continues clockwise and the next person will draft a card from the deck. As players collect more rule cards, the more challenging the game will get. 

There are three in game decisions you can perform:

Folding – You can drop all of your cards and all of your points at any time.

Skipping – You can avoid picking up a card at the cost of one point.

Trading – At any time, if you have 10 or more cards, you can drop all of your cards and gain five points.

Hidden within the deck are “Golden Ticket” cards that players can swap the number of cards they have in their hand for the same number of point tokens. They will drop all of their cards and receive points! This is how you will gain points throughout the game.

A player wins if they currently have 10 or more points AND picks up a golden ticket.

Golden Tickets

The Rules of Everything is made for 3-8 players for ages 14+ and can be played in about 20 minutes.

What Happens If You Break A Rule

If you break one of the rules on one of the cards in your hand and someone catches you, then you must perform a penalty that is written in red on each card.

This usually includes losing points or having to drop all of your cards. Avoid this by complying with all of your rules.

Our Thoughts on The Rules of Everything

This card game tested our memory and coordination, as we had to make sure we were juggling all of our rules and strategically applying more rules as we added more cards to our hand. It was challenging to say the least, but tons of fun!

We got a group together for game night and decided to play this party card game. Some of us were lucky and received easier rules, such as when finishing their turn, they simply had to say “over.” This friend had a great memory and never forgot to say his lines.

Other people weren’t so lucky, as they received cards that had to touch different parts of their body at all times, such as their shoulder or they had to keep one hand behind their back at all times. It was tough!

We felt bad for another person who kept gaining rules cards with no golden tickets in sight! After juggling around 9 cards and picking up the 10th, they decided to trade their cards in for points. Smart move!

We really enjoyed playing The Rules of Everything and thought it was a fun, simple game that we can bring to any type of game night party.

This is the perfect party game to grab some drinks and play with friends. We will definitely be giving this another go at our next game night!

The Kickstarter for this game is now LIVE! Click here to learn more and back the Rules of Everything on Kickstarter.


Hillary is a 28 year old board game enthusiast from New York who specializes in hosting game nights.

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