The Cardboard Game Review and Strategy Guide

The Cardboard Game Review

Dude with sign’s The Cardboard Game by What Do You Meme is an adult party game packed with coin flipping and enough absurd dares to make even your most confident friends hesitate. Here is our complete strategy guide and review of The Cardboard Game by Dude with Sign.

Think truth or dare meets drinking game in this high energy hilariously unique party game. According to the back of the box, this game is “Truth or Dare, minus the truth and with 100% more cardboard.” 

Each game comes with:

  • 300 Dare Cards
  • 50 Wild Cards
  • 2 Markers 
  • 1 Dude Coin
  • 1 Piece of cardboard (to be used twice and then creativity must be sparked!)
The Cardboard Game Materials

How To Play The Cardboard Game

The rules of the game are simple. Start by flipping the “Dude Token” onto the piece of cardboard. Then one of two things happens:

  1. If the coin lands on an empty piece of cardboard, draw a circle big enough to write in around where the coin landed, pick a card from the Dare Deck and write the dare in the circle. You have successfully avoided a dare while also adding another to your game cardboard!
  2. If the coin lands with 50% or more of the coin inside a Dare Circle, you must complete that dare! *Dares do not get completed when you flip the coin onto them during the first round of filling the board. If you land on a dare during your first turn, re-flip until you land on an empty space. 

After taking your turn resulting in one of the two options listed above, players take turns flipping the coin onto the board, writing and completing dares until the board is full. The game ends when “someone who has seen the stuff you’ve posted on social media tonight texts you ‘Are you doing okay’ or until you’ve all embarrassed yourselves so much that it’s time to leave town and change your names “

Get ready to avoid embarrassing yourself and taking on dares in this hilarious board game not meant for the faint of heart.

The Card Board Game Materials

Our First Play Through Of The Cardboard Game

We played this game with our game night group of five people. At first we were not sure what to expect but as soon as we started flipping that coin, we knew we were in for a fun night! 

Our first game featured dares such as:

– Switch shirts with another player

– Draw a tattoo on your body with a marker

– Let ___ put ice cubes down your butt crack 

and many more hilarious and fun dares! We weren’t too fond of the wild cards so we just decided to play without them. 

Cardboard Game by What Do You Meme

Our Thoughts On The Cardboard Game

Our group had a blast! I think we were all a little hesitant at first to really get into the flow of the game, but once we got going we were laughing and taunting up a storm! 

We feel The Cardboard Game is a unique new perspective on classic party games. It would make a great new addition to anyone looking to spice up their adults only game nights/get togethers, we honestly can’t wait to get a larger group together to play. 

The diversity of the dares makes for interesting gameplay and the dark humor surrounding the instructions honestly puts you at ease and makes for good conversation. 

We enjoy the little details in the instructions such as “If you refuse to complete a dare you must venmo the party host $5”. It’s silly while also raising the stakes for shy and frugal gameplayers.  

Click here to get your own copy of The Cardboard Game.

Cardboard Game Cards

Strategy Tips

Although this game relies a lot on luck and there isn’t a clear winner, there are some ways you can improve your gameplay. 

  1. PRACTICE FLIPPING A COIN!! The biggest gameplay component in The Cardboard Game is flipping a coin onto a board. If you’re looking to avoid dares but stink at flipping a coin, you’re going to have an unpredictable and bad time. 
  2. If you’re the kind of player who is not afraid of a little dare, optimize your writing turns to ensure your dares get landed on more frequently by increasing the size of your writing circle! (we recommend this for especially daunting dares to increase the stress factor and fun)
  3. For us, this game kind of falls into the category of a no rules/free for all board game. If your party is flexible and up for it, make up your own rules! Let’s say you land on a dare that you would really rather not do and your venmo account will be overdrawn from a measly $5 being withdrawn, barter with another player! For example say “If you do this dare for me now, I”ll complete the dare you land on if you land on one in your next turn.” It might be a little more risky, but it could also pay off by avoiding a dare all together!

Ready to start playing? Click here to get your own copy of The Cardboard Game.

The Cardboard Game Review

We hope this review and strategy guide gave you a little more insight into this hilariously awesome party game.  

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Hillary is a 28 year old board game enthusiast from New York who specializes in hosting game nights.

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