How To Win UNO

How To Win UNO

Think you’re a pro when it comes to playing UNO? Think again. We can all get a bit competitive when playing UNO, but no feeling compares to winning. Whether it’s scraping a victory over your closest friends or becoming the UNO kingpin of your family, any win feels as sweet as pie. We will tell you how to win uno every time.

No game of UNO is the same and it’s useful to be prepared. Have your initial scheme, and if things don’t go to plan then always have a backup. There are tips and tricks you can use to ensure you get the win and certify your place as the UNO master. If you have a plan, then you will know how to always win at uno.

Types Of Special Cards

There are lots of special cards in UNO, with lots of ways you can attack and defend against your opponents. Depending on what rules you play with, some of these cards are stackable, which you can use to your advantage for extra ways out of sticky situations.

It’s useful to keep some of these cards close to your chest. Don’t indicate that you have them at your disposal, and wait for the perfect time to use them. Some are handy to finish strongly – so don’t use them all at the start.

Reverse Card

Each color type contains two reverse cards, which can be a really useful tool when feeling back into a corner. If the person after you looks like they could win the game, a reverse card can switch the direction of play, giving other players a chance to put a stop to the person in the lead.

Miss-A-Go Card

Another really useful weapon in your arsenal, this card can take several people out of the game at once if used properly. If you use this card to skip the next opponent’s turn, the next person after that can place their miss-a-go card down, taking out yet another opponent. They’re also useful to use if the person next to you is close to winning it slows down their winning momentum!

Draw Two

The draw two card is a sly little move you can pull when the person next to you is getting close to victory. Placing one of these bad boys down not only forces them to skip their go, but also makes them pick up two cards. Depending on what rules you follow, they’re often stackable and can inflict a lot of misery on the whole group if you’re not careful!

Wild Card

A wild card is a great tool at your disposal. Sometimes the best course of action is to slow the game down and change it up. When someone has a plan in their head, they can predict what cards to put down next. The wild car means that you can throw a spanner in the works and confuse your opponents with one move.

Definitely one to keep for late on in the game, the more of these you can rack up, the more chance you have at finishing on top. With only four of these in the deck, make sure you use them wisely, when in your hand!

Wild Draw Four Card

This is the king of all UNO cards, if you have one of these then you immediately have a way of scrambling the game to keep your opponents without a plan. Not only this, you’re able to force the next person to pick up four cards at once!

However, it’s important to remember that you can only place this card down if you have no more available moves. If you’re found out to be bluffing then you can be in big trouble! Lucky players will have multiple of this type of card, able to get themselves out of more corners than Rocky Balboa himself!

Only four of these feature in each UNO deck, so time your use well – otherwise, you could find yourself on the receiving end of one of these cards.

Tips And Tricks

Clever players will be able to work alongside some of their opponents to win. Although communicating is against the rules, you can time your card usage to gang up on other opponents, taking them out of the game and reducing the number of opponents in your way to victory.

If someone needs a certain color then you and the other opponents can all work together to keep the card in the middle away from what’s needed to win. Don’t rush! The downfall of many UNO players is playing their special cards too early.

For example, the wild card variants can be used to get yourself out of a situation that requires picking up cards. However, holding on to these cards too long could end up being too late – don’t rush but don’t be careless. If you can master this fine balance, then you’ve got a great chance of winning.

Sometimes it’s smart to play the long game. If you pick up a special card and feel like you should save it for later on, then do it. The later into the game you get, the harder it is to get your hands on these precious cards.

If you’re lucky enough to have several special cards in your hand, then you can start to think about dictating the game. When it comes to keeping the game under your control, be sure to change the colors when you can. This keeps your opponents from getting too ‘comfortable’ with the pace of the game and keeps them on their toes.

Final Thoughts

Nobody can see through their opponents’ cards, however, if you pay close enough attention then you can predict what type of card they’re likely to play next. For example, if someone changes the color to green, then it’s likely that they’re going to place down a green card next.

To counter this, change the color as soon as you can. The key to winning a game of UNO is to be unpredictable. The more changes you make, the harder you are to read. If you can keep your opponents guessing your next move, then you’re halfway there – the rest is down to luck!


Hillary is a 28 year old board game enthusiast from New York who specializes in hosting game nights.

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