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Disney Villains Board Game

When we think of the classic Disney movies we all know and love, they almost always end with a happy ending where the hero is victorious. Peter Pan defeats captain Hook. Jafar’s lamp is destroyed and he is vanquished. In most Disney movies, the Disney villains are defeated. Or so we thought! Not in this Disney villains game! This villainous game twists the story of our beloved heroes and their relative villains.

The victorious hero is no longer the main subject here. In this Disney villains board game, each person takes on the role of a notorious Disney villain from one of their favorite Disney movies. This is the ultimate Disney villains game and you need it on your board game shelf right now!

The worst takes it all! Do you have enough evil inside of you to win? The Disney Villainous game allows players to unleash their evil side. Let’s get into the nitty gritty of this awesome Disney villains game.


In this epic game of sinister power, take on the role of a Disney Villain and strive to meet your own devious objective. Discover your character’s unique abilities and winning strategy, while dealing with twists of fate to foil your opponents’ schemes.

This game puts a twist on all of our beloved Disney movies. What if instead of a happy ending, the villain succeeded in their devious plans? Although not a happy ending for our glorious heroes, but an epic victory for their adjacent villain.

Each villain has their own objective and must be cautious and strategic, making sure to play their cards right, literally! In this Disney villains game, players must beware, as their other villainous opponents have the opportunity to mess with your fate and derail your villainous plans.

Opponents can accomplish this by playing cards from your own deck called “fate cards.” When a fate card is played against you, a hero can be unleashed and become a nuisance in your plan. You must vanquish the heroes before you can move forward toward your objective.


In Disney Villainous, each player has their own individual board game that is laid out in front of them. On this game board, there are different locations based on their related film. Each villain has their own objective. This objective/goal must be completed before other players in order to win the game.

Each person’s mini board game is called a ‘realm’ and is used to control your gameplay. See below for an example of the layout of an individual person’s board game. In the example below, you can see Captain Hook’s player board.

Disney Villain Realm

When you choose a villain to play as, you receive their game board, villain mover, villain deck, and fate deck. You also get a little pamphlet that outlines that villain’s objective and different roles they are able to play during the game.

Each player starts with their villain piece on the left most location and a starting hand of four cards. These cards are played throughout the game and are played on the bottom edge of the board game.

You can either play a card from your villain hand or discard a card, depending on which location tile of the game board you are currently located.

There is a twist to the game where other players have the ability to strike ‘fate’ upon you that can trigger heroes to get in the way of your objectives. This is where the fate cards come in. They are a separate pile of cards from your main deck pile. 

Players must be aware of the progress that their opponents are taking towards their objectives. If a villain is getting close to winning their game, then you must strike them with fate in order to derail them and push them back in their plans.

When a villain is struck with fate, they must reveal the top two cards of their fate deck and the player who struck fate upon them has the opportunity to choose which card the fated player must play. These cards can unleash heroes or items that are played at the top edge of a player’s game board.

When you have a fate card played at the top of your game board, they may prohibit you from performing certain actions and/or force you to complete a move before allowing you to continue. In order to have the ability to perform an action that is covered by a fate card, you must do everything in your power to vanquish the card and get it removed from your game board. 

In the original pack, you can play as six different Disney Villains including, Ursula, Prince John, the Queen of Hearts, Jafar, Captain Hook, and Maleficent.

Each of these playable villains have their own objective that is unique to the story of the movie that the villain hails from.

There are two type of objectives, those that are fulfilled immediately after an action, and those that are fulfilled at the start of the turn. Depending on the character you choose, you will need to read the villain’s guide to learn their objective.

The first player to reach their objective, wins!

On each villains board game piece are four locations relative to the movie they starred in. Players must move their pawns to different places on their board game in order to play different components of the game. 

There are different icons on each location that display which moves are legal during that turn while the villain is in that current location. 

If a fate card is played on your board, it may hinder your ability to make certain moves. Therefore, you must try and vanquish the hero in your way on the fate cards soon as possible.


Here is an outline of each of the villains and their objectives. As you can see, each villain must perform different tasks in order to complete their objective and win the game.

Captain Hook must defeat Peter Pan at the Jolly Roger. 

In order to do this, he must play Peter Pan from his Fate deck (by opponents Fating him, or by playing Obsession or Worthy Opponent) and unlock Hangman’s Tree. 

Lastly, they must move Peter Pan one location at a time until he reaches the Jolly Roger, and defeat him there.

The Queen of Hearts must have a Wicket at each locations and successfully Take the Shot.

In order to do this she must play Card Guards and convert them into Wickets, and move them as needed until she has at least one Wicket at each location in her Realm.

Lastly, they must successfully play Take the Shot.

Jafar must start his turn with the Magic Lamp at Sultan’s Palace and have the Genie under his control.

In order to do this he must unlock the Cave of Wonders with the Scarab Pendant, then play the Magic Lamp to the Cave of Wonders, which will automatically play the Genie to the same location. Then, in no particular order, he must Hypnotize Genie, which places him under his control, and move the Magic Lamp to the Sultan’s Palace on the Villain side of the Realm.

Maleficent must start her turn with a curse at each location. 

In order to do this she must play Curse cards and move them as needed so she has at least one Curse at each location in her Realm.

Different cards in her ‘fate’ pile may hinder her ability to play curse cards, so she must be careful and strategic in how she places her cards.

Prince John must start his turn with at least 20 power (the currency in this game).

In order to do this he must collect Power so he has at least 20 Power.

Power is the currency for the Disney Villainous game and can be collected throughout the game and used to purchase/play certain cards.

Ursula must start her turn with the trident and the Crown at Ursula’s lair.

In order to do this she must play, in no particular order, the Trident and the Crown, then move them as needed so she has them at the Villain’s side of Ursula’s Lair. When the Trident is played, it will automatically play King Triton to the same location, who well then take the Trident. King Triton must then be defeated in order to move the Trident back to the Villain side of the Realm.

This board game allows you to release your inner villain and be a little mean to your opponents. It is surprisingly tactical and you must have a strategy to stop your opponents from getting too far ahead toward their own objective.

This game may seem like a lot at first, but once you get the hang of each villain and their motives, gameplay is pretty simple.

To help us, we watched a video outlining the main components of the game. You can watch the tutorial video below! 

You can see that the Disney Villainous game is super fun and the replayability is really high! Each time, you can choose a different villain to play as, or keep playing as the same villain and master their objective.

If you are interested in purchasing Disney Villainous for yourself, click here!

But wait, there’s more! This game has become so popular, the creators have released three expansion packs that bring on even more villains.

Check them out below!


Evil Comes Prepared

The ‘Evil Comes Prepared’ expansion pack for Disney Villainous introduces three new Disney villains including Scar, Yatigan, and Yzma.

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Wicked to the Core

The ‘Wicked to the Core’expansion pack for Disney Villainous introduces three new villains, Handles, Dr. Facilier, and the Evil Queen.

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Perfectly Wretched

The ‘Perfectly Wretched’expansion pack for Disney Villainous introduces three new villains, Mother Gothel, Pete, and Cruella de Vil.

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We recommend starting with the original Disney Villainous game (green box) as it comes with six villains and sets the basis of the game.

You can then move on to the Evil Comes Prepared, Wicked to the Core, and Perfectly Wretched expansion packs in order to collect all the villains.

If you’re curious to see a little bit more of the Disney Villainous gameplay, we found this video by Geek and Sundry very entertaining. Check out the video below!

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments! Enjoy playing this awesome game, Disney Villainous.


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