Best Escape Room Board Games

Best Escape Room Board Games

Finding board games that are thrilling and exciting to play can be difficult. This is especially true if you are an adult looking for a high-stakes board game. Fortunately, you can buy some of the best escape room board games that can add a little thrill to your gaming experience.

These escape room board games can be exhilarating and nerve-wracking to play. They can be played by both adults and children, making them ideal for family game nights.

If this is something you are interested in, please read through our list of the best escape room board games available on the market.

Best Escape Room Board Games for Game Night

1. Thames & Kosmos EXIT: The Enchanted Forest

Set in a mystical and enchanted forest, this challenging escape room game will get you to solve various puzzles in order to escape it. Through this game, you can experience these magical creatures in the comfort of your own home. Among the awesome features of this board game are: 


  • Up to 4 players – this game will allow you to have an action-packed play with friends or family. 
  • Mystical settings – if you enjoy magical backdrops for your game, this enchanted forest will be right up your alley. Though this forest is tempting, it can also be quite dangerous. Beware of this or risk being trapped in the forest forever!
  • 1-2 hour playtime – playing this board game will keep you and the other players having a fun evening for a while. 
  • 2 out of 5 difficulty – the riddles on this escape room board game are challenging enough for experts but not too easy for those with more experience. This makes it an ideal difficulty setting that is suitable for those with a range of board game experiences. 


  • Can only be played once – this game is not designed for multiple plays. Instead, it has a limited amount of resources that will be written on and torn. As a result, this may be considered a con to many customers. This will also negatively impact the value for money. 

2. Star Wars UNLOCK! The Escape Game

If you love Star Wars, this will be the board game for you. It is also an amazing gift for avid fans of this epic franchise. This escape room game puts the players in a variety of rousing scenarios. Using their problem-solving and deductive skills, players must make their way through a number of puzzles. 


  • 3 separate adventures – to give you plenty of choices, this game has three different adventures. You can play as either a smuggler, a rebel, or an imperial agent. This makes repeat playing even more enjoyable since your experience can be completely different. 
  • Companion app – this game has a downloadable component that can enhance your experience. Via this app, you can play various sounds and music that will immerse the players in the Star Wars universe. To win the game, you have to enter the right code into the app!
  • 1-6 players – if you like to play games as a group or a family, this game will be ideal. It can have up to 6 players, allowing you to play with a decent amount of people. 
  • Tutorial – to prepare you for the real deal, this board game has a Tutorial Adventure. This means that you do not have to waste time reading loads of instructions and can instead learn to play the game in a fun way. 


  • Expensive – compared to other escape room board games, this Star Wars variant is a little costly. As a result, it should be reserved mainly for those with a more substantial budget. The reason for this higher cost is likely due to the branding and repeatability of the game. 

3. Escape Room Version 3 Board Game

Next, if you are looking for a game filled with suspense, this may be the one for you! You have exactly 60 minutes to solve this mystery. It has a number of adventures to maximize repeatability. It is an incredibly interactive game that will make a wonderful gift. 


  • The Chrono Decoder – to increase the thrill of this board game, you have a Chrono Decoder included. This decoder will be ticking down in time, reminding you that you are on a tight schedule!
  • Enhances teamwork – if you want to teach teamwork skills in your family, this board game will be perfect. To solve it, you will have to effectively work together as a team. 
  • Ideal for several occasions – if you are looking for versatility, consider this board game. It can be played in a wide variety of situations, including birthdays, Christmases, dinner parties, and game nights. 
  • 3 different adventures – to keep you and your fellow players engaged, this game has 3 different adventures. Namely, these adventures are Alice in Wonderland, Dawn of the Zombies, and Panic on the Titanic. Akin to the Star Wars game, you can play through each of these adventures. 


  • 3 x AA batteries not included – these batteries are essential to the game but are not included. As a consequence, this will add to the cost and hassle of the game. 
  • 3-5 players – this game has a very limited number of players which will mean that it is not suitable for all customers. 

4. The Initiative Board Game

This game sets up a thrilling mystery whereby 4 teenagers discover an intriguing game in 1994. Discover how this game is linked to each of their lives. This game is very interactive and involves the use of strategy skills. To uncover the mystery, players are encouraged to read the stylish comic that accompanies this product, reading a little at a time. 


  • Increasing difficulty – as you complete each game, the puzzles become increasingly challenging. 
  • Easy-to-follow – for ease of use, this game is simple to understand. The challenge comes in the puzzles. 
  • Accompanying comic – after every game, you will be invited to read a part of the comic. This comic features cool art, is entertaining to read, and will help you to uncover this suspenseful mystery. 
  • 1-4 players – this game puts you in the position of the 4 teenagers who are aiming to discover what the Initiative is. This will allow you to play with your friends and family. 
  • Thrilling mystery – are you interested in discovering what the Initiative is? If so, make your way through these fun puzzles. 


  • Costly – compared to other board games, this product is quite expensive. Because of this, it is not the best product to get if you are not looking to spend a lot of money. 
  • 30-60 minutes of playtime – the average playing time of this game is quite short. As a consequence, it will not be suited to those who are looking to fill an evening. 

5. Mattel Escape Room In A Box: The Walking Dead Board Game

Finally, if you know someone who adores The Walking Dead, this will be an amazing game for you. Based on the popular television series, players will have to try to survive in a world inhabited by walkers. To avoid this grizzly fate, solve a number of puzzles. 


  • 90-minute timer – to get to a safe place, you only have 90 minutes. This will add to the tension of the game since you are on a very narrow time scale. 
  • Theming – this board game is inspired by the popular franchise The Walking Dead. Consequently, it will be well-suited to those who have seen the show. Despite this, you do not need knowledge of the series to participate. 
  • Physical puzzles – to make this game more interactive, it has physical puzzles for players to solve. Aside from this, there is a range of other problems to solve. These include logic and general knowledge. 
  • Hint book – if you are having problems solving any puzzles, you can check the hint book up to 5 times. 


  • 13 years plus – this board game is targeted at people over the age of 13. Consequently, it is not suitable for younger players. If you want to find a board game that can be played by younger children, look elsewhere. 

Best Escape Room Board Games Buyer’s Guide

After reading through this list of the best escape room board games on the market, you will now have a deeper understanding of the qualities to look out for and to avoid when shopping. You might now believe that you are in an advantageous position to start looking for a board game. 

We must warn you, however, that this endeavor is more complex than it initially seems. This is because there are many key factors to consider when you are shopping. To help you find the right product for your, your friends, and your family, we have highlighted the main considerations.

Please carefully read through and contemplate them before you invest in a board game. These factors include:


Escape room board games can be sold at a wide range of prices. They will likely cost at least $20, though they can also be considerably more expensive. If you are worried about spending too much on your board game, it is recommended that you think about the amount you are willing to spend. Set yourself a price limit so that you do not overspend. 


When it comes to board games, some can take a very short amount of time to play while others will take much longer. Therefore, this will be a factor that you will have to consider. If you have a limited amount of time, it is not a good idea to get a board game that takes ages to complete.

Otherwise, you will be unable to finish it within the time. The average time that a game takes to play should be listed on the product’s packaging or online description. 

Number Of Players

Additionally, you will need to consider how many players you want to participate in your game. If there is a specific number of players that you intend to play, this will impact what games are suitable. If you have a large number of players, such as if you are part of a big family, your choices will be much more limited.

Most escape room board games have a maximum of 4-6 players. If you do have a sizable family or amount of friends, you may need to consider buying multiple board games. Of course, this will add to the cost of your purchase. 


As you will have gathered from this list, escape room games can be based on lots of different themes. Whether this is from a specific franchise, setting, or period, there are a lot of choices out there. If you are looking for an escape room game as a gift, you will need to consider your target audience. If they are a fan of certain films or television shows, you may want to get them a game inspired by this.

For instance, if the person you are shopping for loves Star Wars, you may want to get the UNLOCK game featured on this list. On the other hand, if someone is not a fan of this franchise, you may want to get them another game. Though they can still play the game, they will likely not feel as immersed and entertained by it. 


As with the other factors, board games come with different levels of difficulty. While some are relatively easy, others will be harder and will be aimed at those with more experience. If you are planning on trying a board game with younger players, you may want to get one with a lower difficulty level.

Otherwise, these players may be unable to participate in the various puzzles. 

Repeat Playing

Not all board games can be played multiple times. As previously mentioned, EXIT: The Enchanted Forest can only be played once. This will mean that it will not keep you and the other players engaged for very long. Additionally, this will detract from its value for money.

On the flip side, other games, such as Escape Room Version 3, have multiple scenarios. This means that the games can be played multiple times as you will get very different experiences depending on which situation you choose to play. As a result, you should think carefully about how repeatable a game is. This will be a crucial concern if you are shopping with a limited budget. 

Interactive Elements 

Naturally, some board games are more interactive than others. Interactive games are often more engaging, especially for younger players. These interactive games will often feature exciting props that will make you feel like you are part of the world the game has constructed.

If this is something you are interested in, you should look at what items accompany your board game. 

Puzzle Styles

An escape room board game normally features a variety of puzzles. This will allow you to improve your problem-solving skills and will test your mental abilities. Though this is the case, some products will have more interesting puzzles than others.

As a consequence, it is advised that you research what sorts of puzzles are involved before you invest in an item. These puzzles often include having to solve anagrams or finding out a code.  

Choking Hazards

If a board game has many small pieces, it will not be suitable for young children. The reason for this is that they may attempt to eat these small parts, resulting in them becoming choking hazards. If you want to find an escape room board game for your young children, ensure that they do not have any of these hazards. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Board Games Successful At Achieving The Thrill Of Real-Life Escape Rooms?

Escape rooms are action-packed games whereby the players are locked in a room and forced to solve challenging puzzles in order to escape. These escape rooms can be themed differently. To capitalize on their increasing popularity, board games have tried to mimic these games.

Most of these board games are good at recreating this suspense. They often do this by immersing the player in a different world. In addition, they create tension by creating time limits, forcing the player to solve puzzles under pressure. 

Can You Play Escape Room Board Games More Than Once?

This will depend on the game itself. While some can be played multiple times, others cannot. The reason for this is that some games only contain one mystery. Once you have solved this mystery, you will not be able to play again since you will already know the answer. For more information on this, check out the “Repeat playing” section. 

What Are The Best Escape Room Board Games?

Of course, the answer to this question is subjective and will be reliant upon preference. However, all five of the items on this list will make for great escape room board games. There are lots of items on the market for you to try out, meaning that you will be able to find the one that works best for you.


Hillary is a 27 year old board game enthusiast from New York who specializes in hosting game nights.

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