Best 5 Player Board Games

Best 5 Player Board Games

Games are a fantastic way of bringing people together. Regardless of age, race, gender or social class, everyone enjoys a good old game night. If you find yourself at a game night with 5 people, then we found the best 5 player board games that you can play that will be perfect for your size group.

One of the best types of games is board games, despite many technological developments leading to gaming devices such as Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch becoming more and more popular they still can’t compete with the traditional gaming system, the board. There is nothing quite like rolling your dice and physically moving your counter around the board.

The only annoying thing about board games is that a lot of the time they are tailored to a certain number of players and very often this is either 2 or 4. So, as a group of five it can be difficult to find a game to play together but fear not, hopefully this handy guide can point you in the right direction.

Best 5 Player Board Games for Game Night

1. Monopoly

Monopoly is a timeless classic loved by people of all ages across the globe. The best news is that it is designed for 2 to 6 players to enjoy! It is a simple game where you move around the board buying property and paying people whose properties you land on, you also get to collect $200 every time you pass go.

Despite this game’s very simple nature it is well known for bringing people’s more competitive side out so be warned this could end in an angry outburst from one or two players. The game is rated as 8 plus and we think that’s fair as it has small pieces and can be long and tedious for younger players yet it is relatively simple. 


  • Simple- As previously mentioned Monopoly is a really simple game that everyone can enjoy together. This makes it accesibles and means that families including older children can all play together.
  • Competitive- Monopoly is a very competitive game which keeps everyone focused and excited to see what happens next. 
  • Fun Design- The traditional monopoly board is somewhat worshipped as it has remained popular for decades. Similarly, the counters and little houses are so intricate. 


  • Long- Monopoly is well known for lasting a very long time. The game can take hours to complete, in fact so much so that sometimes people choose to play it over a few evenings.
  • Can Be Repetitive- As previously mentioned monopoly is quite simple in nature but this does also mean that it can get quite repetitive quite quickly.

2. Know!

Know! Is a fun and modern game, its a board game with a twist. You use your google device (this can be a smartphone) to help you to play along. For example, a card may ask you to ask Google to give you a word, Google may choose to give you the word book you then have to pick which word you think is most commonly googled next to the word bag and Google will tell you who was correct.

It sounds complicated but that’s just because there are lots of mini games within the larger game. When it comes to playing it once you have gotten the hang of it it can be super fun. 


  • It’s Interactive- Know! Is an interactive game which lets the world of board games and the world of digital gaming collide. This makes it more likely that everyone will get involved and enjoy the games regardless of the type of gaming that they are usually into. 
  • Can Be Played On or Off Line- Despite the digital elements to the game it does not have to be played online it can also be played without internet access if preferred. This is simple to do as you simply just ask the questions without the wifi symbol next to them. 
  • Good Length Game- This game is also good in terms of how long it takes to play. Games that are too short are annoying because as soon as you have got into them the game is over but similarly games that are too long become tedious and boring. Know! Manages to get the timings just right and lets around half an hour. 


  • Not As Good Without Internet Access- Although Know! Is available without internet access; it is much less fun this way. If you don’t have internet access you can still give the game a go but it probably wouldn’t be our first suggestion.
  • Can Take A While To Get Your Head Around- The first couple of times of playing this game can be very difficult as it gets complex to get your head around. However, this is only because of the large amount of mini games which are actually really fun.         

3. Hedbanz

Hedbanz is a fun game for all of the family. In this simple yet hilarious game each person must put a specially designed headband on that will hold a card.

They then select a card each to put on their head (without looking), everyone goes round in a circle trying to get what they are, they could be a flamingo, a bin, a toaster or anything in between. This game is for 2-6 players 8+. 


  • Simple- The simplicity of this game can make it an enjoyable way to switch off. It is not too complex and does not take long to pick the rules up. 
  • Fun- This board game is also really fun and sure to create some laughs. Whether its Grandad being a bin or Grandma being a tin of peas it is sure to create a barrel of laughs.
  • Inclusive- This game is very inclusive, it’s rated 8+ and this is a suitable rating as the vast majority of people over this age would be able to understand and enjoy the game. 


  • Short Game- Unfortunately, if you are quick guessers the game can be over quite quickly. However, you can play again… and again…and again if you like!
  • Not Loads of Cards- The only problem with playing this game several times is that there are not loads of cards. This means that eventually you start to remember the cards and in turn what you may potentially be which can take away some of the fun of guessing. 

4. Colour Brain

Color Brain originally came out in 2019 and now there is also an updated version as well as some other editions including a Disney one. In many respects Color Brain is a backwards board game where you are given lots of potential answers that you then have to match with questions.

At the start of the game you are given lots of colored cards that you will then have to match with questions such as “The colour of the lid of a marmite Jar”. This game is fun and exciting and based all around colors. 


  • Party Game- Colour Brain is designed to be a party game this means that it is a great edition to most game nights. It is good for groups of friends or families. 
  • Simple- Despite this game’s fun nature it is also really simple to get your head around and play. The game’s simple nature makes it accessible for most players. 
  • Unique- This game is relatively new to the market and interestingly there is not much else like it around. The backwards nature of the game makes it both thrilling and compelling. 
  • Lots of Players- This is potentially our favourite thing about this game. Amazingly, the game can be tailored for anywhere between 2 and 20 players. This makes it one of the only games on the market that can be played by so many players. Imagine your 20 closest friends and relatives playing this game together, it is sure to end in a riot. 


  • Not Much Variety- It is difficult to find many cons for such a fantastic game and the only one that we could find is the lack of variety. Obviously, the game is based around colors hence the name but this can become quite repetitive after you have played it a few times. 

5. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity has received much media attention across the globe since its release a few years ago. It is rated 17+ and rightly so as it is one of the most outrageous games on the market.

The game works by giving you the start of a sentence on one card and then all players have to choose which of their cards to use to complete the sentence. Each round whoever creates the funniest sentence wins, but we warned these are very often inappropriate. The answers include lots of dark humor and inappropriate adult banter. 


  •  Unlimited Number of Players- This game is rated as being for 2-20+ which means that literally anyone can play along, you could even have your uncle’s nextdoor neighbour, the lollipop lady and the man from the chip shop over to join in. However, we would say that 20+ is potentially generous as this many players would make the game last much, much, much longer. 
  • Unique-  This game exists within its own realm with nothing very similar to it. Therefore, if you’re hosting a game night it’s the sort of game that people aren’t sick of playing. 
  • Game Centered Around Adults-   Another positive of this game is that it is purely centered around adults. Its very rare for a game to be designed with just adults in mind but with its 17+ rating this game achieves that and it does not disappoint. 


  • Not Family Friendly- AAs is evidenced by its high age rating this game is not family friendly. We know that often wherever you go the kids follow so it could be difficult to find time to play this game without little ears present. 
  • Some Audiences Could Be Easily Offended- Some of the cards in this game are extremely offensive, so much so that even the most thick skinned of people find this game astounded. So, if you think you have anyone coming over that is more sensitive or does not enjoy dark humour then this game is a definite no go. 

6. Jenga

Jenga is a simple, timeless, classic. This game is designed for anyone age 6 plus to play and the rules are simple. Each player takes it in turns to pull a brick out of the tower before placing it back on the top. Whoever makes the tower fall loses. This game is enjoyed by adults, children, men, women, families and friends. 


  • Any Amount Of Players- Jenga can be played by any amount of players. Whether there are two of you battling it out head to head or ten of you enjoying this game on game nights it is sure to be a blast. Obviously, the more players you have the longer it could potentially take however it shouldn’t make a massive difference as at some point the tower will fall down either way.
  • Can Be Played Alone- There are very few group games that can be played alone but jenga is one of them. When playing alone you would simply see how many bricks you could take out and put back on top without it falling. You could always keep track of your personal best and constantly try to beat this. 
  • Family Friendly- Jenga is rated as being suitable for ages six plus. It is a family friendly game that can be enjoyed by children, adults, family and friends. The only thing to be aware of is that these bricks can fall with quite some speed and power and this could be potentially hazardous as they are sharp and wooden. 
  • Simplicity- The simplicity of this game is one of the major positives that it provides. Sometimes spending half an hour trying to decipher the rules of a new game can be incredibly dull so a more simple game can be just what you need. As previously stated, it’s simple whoever knocks the tower down first is the loser. 
  • Multiple Winners- Only one loser means multiple winners which can be great when playing with a group of older and more competitive children. However, having one loser can also be quite upsetting for a child. 


  • Set Up Time-  Setting up the game can become tedious as you have to rebuild the tower each round. To make this even more frustrating all of the bricks need to be perfectly aligned. The first layer will be three vertical bricks, the next layers will be three horizontal bricks and so on. This can take a while and take away from the fun of the game. 
  • Not Many Ways To Play- Jenga can also only really be played the same way over and over again so this game can not provide much variety. Having said this, the simple rules could also be seen as a positive as it is easy to get your head around.  
  • Risk- As previously mentioned there are some risks involved with this game. The tower will more than likely fall at quite some speed meaning that the flying bricks will have some force behind them. These could hurt if they hit someone in their fall, especially if the person is a child or frail. Similarly, the force at which the bricks fall could also lead to them becoming scattered all over the room making it difficult to find them all and we all know how annoying missing game pieces are.
  • Game Length- Jenga isn’t usually a very long game making the set up time even more annoying. It is not likely to provide entertainment for very long. However, this short game length could sometimes prove a positive. For instance, if you’ve promised a game after dinner but don’t have all the time in the world then this could actually be a really good option. 

Best 5 Player Board Games Final Thoughts

Finding board games for five players can actually be a really difficult task. This is because many well known games are designed for four players and can not be played by more than this. Even if you have been lucky enough to find a few suitable games there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of them and everyone wants to know what they are paying for.

Hopefully this list has provided some insight in to some of the best games for five players. It is also important to remember to consider some of the things previously mentioned such as how long the game takes, the age rating and the theme of the game. Just because there’s five of you and the game is suited to five players does not mean that it is the right one for you. 


Hillary is a 28 year old board game enthusiast from New York who specializes in hosting game nights.

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